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A new novelist in our midst .....
One of our worshipper's, Esther Slade, has written her first novel. Let's support one of our own - BUY her book and read it.

ayla's paradise

Set on the United States Island territory of St. Croix and the eastern U.S., Ayla's Paradise is the provocative story of its heroine, Ayla Walker Johnson, and her triumphs over adversity. At age nine, Ayla surrenders her mother to what will become her own fiercest enemy-- Death. Abandoned by her father in his grief and forced to carry the burden of taking care of her brothers, she becomes determined to find freedom and longs for love.

The lure of the mainland and its promise of independence and opportunity lead Ayla to escape St. Croix and her responsibilities to begin her own family. But when she finally finds love and maternal fulfillment her world is torn apart and she must fight to save herself and her children from absolute despondency.

More than anything, Ayla is a woman of great strength who overcomes distress and ill fortune to emerge victorious and proud.

Ayla's Paradise is currently available at the following internet locations. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find it in any local bookstore in Jacksonville. Local bookstores will order the book for you if you do not wish to purchase over the internet. Don't miss this book!

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Updated November 18, 2001