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God is GREAT... and greatly to be praised!!!

God is so wonderful to us all. We depend on him for everything. Do you have
a testimony that you just can't wait to share. Please do so here and
we will help you share it with the world.


Our God is SO awesome and amazing!!  This has been a glorious year
for me.  There've been some downs, but God has lifted me up and kept
me encouraged.
I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1987.  I had a lumpectomy and
received radiation and drug therapy.  I was shocked to learn it had
returned this year.  Doctors told me I would have to have a mastectomy.
Through it all, God has shown his miraculous love for me.  I told God
I didn't have time to be sick.  I love working with children and I didn't
want to lose time with them. 
God is so GREAT.  He answered my prayers.  I had a mastectomy on
a Tuesday.  I went home on that Thursday.  That Sabbath I was back
at church playing the keyboard to provide music for service.  I also
discovered that Sabbath that my knees and ankle did not hurt.  I used
a cane for about 6 months prior to surgery.
I had a very difficult time using stairs or walking for any distance - like
in the large Wal-Marts.  Well, since surgery, I've walked up stairs at
school several times a day.  I've shopped at Wal-mart without the use
of their wheel chairs.
I had 3 months of chemotherapy.  I was only slightly weak the day
after treatment.  I never got sick, I just lost my hair.  But I was able
to continue working with children at church and school the entire


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Updated September 20, 2008