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Kids' Corner (2-7)
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Put On the Whole Armor of God

God wants us to obey his laws. He does not want
us to do what the devil tells us to do.

In the Bible God tells us how to be strong enough
to ignore the devil and listen to God.

God tells us to put on the whole armor so we
can be ready to fight the devil.

When a soldier gets ready to fight, he has to
ave special things to fight. In the Bible
days soldiers wore a special
outfit called armor.

The Bible tells us to put on the helmet of salvation.
That means we should ask Jesus to forgive us for
the wrong things we do and ask him to live
in us and save us.

We need to keep the truth all
around us like a belt.

The breastplate of righteousness helps us to
remember God's word in our heart. When we
keep God's word in our heart, he
reminds us to do what is right.

We need a shield to keep evil things from getting
into our mind. If we keep evil or bad thoughts
out of our mind, we can listen to God easier.

We fight the devil with the sword. Our sword is
God's word which we find in the bible. We should
always read our Bible, listen in Sabbath School
and church. When we listen we learn more about God.

The Bible also tells us we should have special
shoes on our feet. These shoes help us spread
the gospel of peace. We can tell our friends
about Jesus and help them learn how
to fight the devil, too.

Be sure and remember our Bible verse and
song from today. This will help us keep
on the whole armor of God.

Ephesians 6:11 Put on the full armor of God so that
you can fight against the devil's plans.

Go to our 'Song Lyrics' tab for today's song.


Make a 'paper doll' soldier and dress him in the Armor of God.

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